Spotflux doesn't connect, the icon just flashes red and green

If Spotflux is stuck in the "Securing Your Connection" state and the icon continuously blinks, it is likely that your Spotflux client is having trouble accessing our server, or the handshake is failing. Below are a few steps to try to resolve the problem.

1. Restart

Try restarting Spotflux to see if that allows you to connect.
If this doesn't help, there may be processes lingering from a previous run. Try rebooting your computer.

2. Check your computer's clock

Ensure your computer's clock is set to the correct time. Encrypted handshakes with our servers require accurate time. Configure your computer to use an NTP server if you can, this will set the clock to the correct time automatically.

Disable Spotflux's Proxy Detection

By default, Spotflux will attempt to automatically detect any proxies that may be needed to access the internet. However, this can fail with some configurations.

To disable proxy detection:

  1. Click on the Spotflux icon in your system tray to bring up the menu
  2. Click "Settings"
  3. Choose the "Proxies" tab
  4. Select "No proxy"
  5. Click "OK" to save this change

Ensure Spotflux is in the "Disabled" state before trying to start a new connection. Your first new connection after this change will have proxies disabled.

Still need help?

If this does not help, you can submit a request and we'll do what we can to assist. If you can include a diagnostic zip (which can be generated under Settings->Support), this would be of great help to us.

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